Century Self Adhesive Labels Manufacturing LLC

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Printing materials

About Century Labels LLC

CenturyLabel LLC, specialises in the manufacture and printing of innovative packaging solutions. Well equipped with sophisticated and versatile machinery. Century Labels offers a one stop shop for clients which ensures consistent first rate service and excellent lead times on orders. Supplying both small to medium sized businesses as well as large companies requiring high volume orders, Century Labels caters to the GCC, Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe.

The fully integrated repro department houses the most modern pre press equipment available in the market including modular workflow, colour management and an artwork proofing system. Top quality printers enable a wide variety of substrates to be printed meaning outstanding branding options for clients.


To attain the number one position regionally for the manufacture and printing of packaging, through acquiring further brand name clients and applying innovation in all areas of its business.


CenturyLabels dedicated service teams, constantly growing product portfolio and practice of sustainable manufacturing are fundamental to its growth strategy. Century Labels believes in a two way interactive relationship with its clients for the achievement of mutual success.


Self adhesive labels

Self adhesive labels can easily be applied to many products and make this type of label the most popular choice for many of our customers. Process from conception through to the artwork preparation, prepress and conversion stages to ensure that the label we create for them is unique and fulfills their every expectation.

Other products

Scratch off labels for the cards industry

Security labels with destructive and void features Supermarket labels

Tags and labels for garments

Non adhesive static cling labels

Tags for the tea industry

In flight labels for airline carriers

Peel & Reveal labels

Non tearable tags for steel and other manufacturing industries

Plain and durable labels

Drum labels

Laser labels A4 in various sizes.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons:

Thermal transfer ribbons go along with the self adhesive labels. The plain labels are printed with the ribbons as per the customers requirement.This is mainly used to print the text and the barcode on the labels according to the customers needs. These are mainly used in the Supermarkets,Cargo and Manufacturing industries etc.

Roll products

Self-adhesive film and paper rolls for labelling a wide spectrum of products and surfaces. Excellent printing results ensure optimal application, and ensure the durability of the label once applied.


Sophisticated labels with very glossy, embossing or metallic effects to add a distinctive touch to wine, spirits and beverages in general.

Alimentacion Food

Labels for glass or plastic recipients for storage in dry, refrigerated and frozen environments.

Retail rolls applications Retail

Product range for pricing or cover-up labeling, self-weigh and promotional labels.

Fresh produce

Low-grammage coated papers and thermal papers with high tack adhesives for direct contact with fruit and vegetables or their packaging and distribution.

Logistica Tracking, logistics & transport

A wide selection of special self-adhesive labels for use in logistics, tracking and dispatch labels.

Personal & household care

An extensive range of self-adhesive films and papers for labelling gels, shampoos, creams and detergents.

Oficina Office & stationery supplies

Repositionable and permanent self-adhesive labels used for stickers or decorative and address labels.